Toni Nadal

toni nadalrafael nadal ATP Ranking. "It may sound cocky but I did not know that we lost when we lost a job or did not know when recuperated the two. I have enough concern to make the next game. I prefer to win tournaments to be higher in the ranking. What concerns us is to play well and so far things are going. I did not know we were leaving to be third. I told my nephew. We would like to be at number 1 but compete to win titles. It is far from being number 1. If we had not done the bursting of Madrid we would be closer. It was a pity that in Madrid the terms were not for us. Nole is a worthy number 1. If we continue this level maybe it would be possible to recover "

Ja se izvinjavam sto nema prevoda , jer fkt nmg da prevedem neke stvari , pa imate sastrane translate pa prevedite :)

Ja se izvinajvam :)


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